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What is life energy?

What is the LIFE-TEST


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Towards a new awareness of quality and health

What is life test ?

Who ? What?

On behalf of
  • companies,
  • therapists,
  • users and
  • clients,
LIFE-TEST Institute examines all kinds of
  • products,
  • therapies and
  • methods
in regard to their effects in terms of energetical heatlh and their eventual properties inducing altered states of conscioussness; in short: whether they are beneficial or not for our life energy and ultimately whether they affect a persons
  • health,
  • creativitily,
  • wellbeing and
  • charisma
positively or negatively. Any influence can be assessed in regard to its effects on humans.

Why ?

In this way, a new energetical criterion can be introduced. It helps make distinctions of quality and to analyze effects of products, therapies and methods;
it promotes a new quality of health care and genuine early diagnosis;
it helps companies, therapists and manufacturers to secure quality, optimization and further development of their products and services in terms of their effects on energetical health. All this can ultimately contribute to uplift our overall quality of life - "quality of life" now including criteria for life energy and awareness.

How ?

For its tests on energetical health, LIFE-TEST Institute employs a variety of equip-ment to measure
  • the meridian energies familiar through acupuncture;
  • brain waves;
  • biofeedback data (e.g., stress indicators like skin resistance etc.)
  • High Frequency Direct Image Photography.