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What is life energy ?

Many traditional medicine systems are based on the concept of a socalled "life force" i.e. a power essential in endowing the physical body with the "breath of life". It triggers off material processes in the human body, causes and coordinates its bio-chemistry. In China this was called "chi", in India "prana". German-speaking countries used, amongst others, the word "od" which is still visible in "Odem" or "Atem" ("breath").

Until a few years ago, the existence of this life energy was a matter of belief or (subjective) experience, because it could not be measured. This is different today:

Life energy is measurable.

A variety of state-of-the-art testing equipment can be employed to measure its different aspects:
The meridian energies known from acupuncture can be registered by the "Prognos" measuring instrument;
another instrument measures a special electrical effect, the socalled direct-current potentials;
already established procedures can be modified and applied in a new manner, as is the case with new forms of EEG brainwave or EKG heartbeat measure-ments.

The existence of many energetic phenomena described in traditional Eastern me-dicine and yogic systems has been proven through such tests:
for instance, acupuncture meridians, chakras (votexes in the energetic system) or the "Kundalini" energy phenomenon (which one might call an energetically more intense operationaal mode of the nervous system and the brain). Taken together, these methods yield a completely new and impressive picture of a person´s wellbeing in terms of energetical health.

In short: of the shape of his or her life energey and what affects it positively or negatively.
Moreover, Western scientists have also shown in what other respects man is first and foremost an energetic being. For instance:
cells communicate with each other by means of light signals, socalled biopho-tons;
direct-current potentials in the human energey field have to change first before a muscle can move or a region of the brain think, beforesome part of th body can heal or paranormal phenomena can occur;
the flow of minerals like calcium into body cells can be influenced from outside simply through electromagnetic waves or magentic fields;
magnetic fields also make bones heal faster and joints more flexible .

Before any physical or psychological state changes in any way, there has already been - often very early on - a change in the overall "life energy". By means of the different LIFE-TEST methods such changes can be discovered quickly - making it possible to check whether some product, therapy or method affects one as life energy - and so ultimately oneีs physical health - positively or negatively.