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What is the LIFE-TEST Institute?

The LIFE-TEST Institute is a novel type of independent and neutral test institution. As a network of already existing research colleges, it is the first to offer a wide variety of reliable biophysical test methods in regard to energy and health. To manufacturers, distributors and costumers the LIFE-TEST Institute offers the opportunity to have all kinds of

products, foods, substances ( medical etc.), therapies and methods tested in terms of their influence upon humans und human life energy:
in order to prove their wholesomeness in energetical and health terms
in order to prove their energetical properties or properties inducing altered states of consciousness
in order to assess their quality
in order to support research an further development
in order to help individuals find those influences which affect their life energey and their consciousness in positive and powerful ways.
As a supervising intermediary between client and performing contractor, the LIFE-TEST Institute ensures that all tests and assessments are executed neutrally and independently.